Lagoon 42 catamaran

5 benefits of a catamaran vacation

In recent years, the number of people choosing to charter a catamaran for their vacation has increased by leaps and bounds, because it offers undeniable advantages over the common sailboat.

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The outdoor spaces

Have you ever tried lying down to sunbathe on a 12-meter boat? Between edges, jams and rigging, it is often problematic to find space to enjoy a relaxing tan. On a catamaran of the same length you will have none of these problems, with about 100 square meters of walkable space.

In the bow you'll find a very large net that will cradle you as if in a hammock, while on the highest point is a comfortable double sundeck great for an afternoon siesta. Finally in the cockpit a table for 10 covers and a variety of cushions awaits you, all in the shade of the fly-bridge and with a wonderful sea view!

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The interior

If the exterior is jaw-dropping, wait until you see the interior: the dinette is on the same plane as the cockpit, lit by immense windows on each side. The galley is convenient and easy to access while scattered around the boat are no less than three refrigerators.

In the sleeping area, four double cabins with king-size beds, large wardrobes and numerous power outlets await you, just like home. Each cabin has its own bathroom for maximum privacy, while the aft cabins are also equipped with shower stalls.

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Due to its greater width, the catamaran is a dream for those who suffer from seasickness because it resists the rolling generated by waves much better: other masts are often observed rocking from the surf, while the catamaran is as if nailed to the seabed.

Also, thanks to the two hulls, the catamaran does not tilt upwind, making it an ideal choice for those who are new to a sailing vacation.

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The enlarged spaces allow you to take on board numerous accessories that would not find room on other sailboats: a 3.5-meter dinghy and not the usual semi-floating dinghy, two rigid kayaks, fishing gear, a large gas barbecue, ice-cold beer tapper, and many more!

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Ideal for children

The catamaran represents an ideal world for children of safe play and discovery with ample deck space to frolic unhindered, a thousand spots from which to dive, masks and kayaks to explore the surroundings. For younger children, nets can be set up all around the edges to prevent accidents.

With the right company, this vacation will instill in children an immense love of the sea, while parents will allow them to finally enjoy their relationship with their children in an idyllic environment.

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Have we intrigued you? Take a look at the photos of our catamaran Lagoon 42, or browse the itineraries.

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