Capraia by sailboat

Capraia by sailboat

A sailboat, a desire to relax, and a longing for adventure-that's all it takes to explore Capraia, an exotic and peculiar little island in the middle between charming Italy and beautiful Corsica.

The island of Capraia, in local dialect Isula di Capraghja, is a land of infinite and very particular scenery: at times it is rugged, with its rocky and bristling slopes; at others it is as gentle as the waves of the sea that cradle it in the Channel of Corsica; at times it seems angular and barren with its expanses tinged with the colors of summer, and at others as soft and sinuous as a dolphin gliding lightly underwater. It is an isolated rock, Capraia, that seems to invite the traveler to land at its shores, seducing him with the beauty of a laughing, unspoiled and multiform nature.

It is only 30 nautical miles from Livorno, of which it is a province, and yet it seems almost like a different realm, another world, more beautiful and verdant and wild in which to lose oneself in order to return to appreciating the beauty of simple and genuine things. An indolent, almost still and seraphic air animates it, and its waves, benevolent and azure, become gracious guests for all the boats, small boats and dinghies that venture for those in search of relaxation and happiness.

Volcanic in origin and surrounded by blue sea, Capraia becomes, therefore, the perfect destination for a sailing exploration that gives the traveler a chance to enjoy both the peaceful waters and the beautiful land.


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The sea and its inhabitants become the primary reason for which to carry beautiful Capraia in one's heart. Visiting the little island by sailboat, getting kissed by the sun and rocked by the waves, becomes a unique and unrepeatable experience before jumping into exploring the land Capraia, beautiful and exotic as well.

If the ruggedness of the terrain had once made it a perfect prison of isolation-a curiosity that few people know about today-now, on the other hand, it makes it a rare pearl, a scenario that is entirely fascinating and different from the usual tourist realities, which are too touristy and, for that reason, far from true relaxation made of silence and the gentle rustling of waves.

The sailboat becomes the ideal means to explore or simply experience the little island, to get to know its most rugged coasts and the most hidden and, for that reason, least contaminated by man. Suffice it to say that Capraia, thanks to the Natural Park that inhabits it, protects, with countless laws and restrictions, the local flora and fauna, in full respect of the naturalness of the place; offering in return many natural and ...healthy entertainments for everyone: humans, plants and little fish that you are.

Hectares and hectares of shrubby Mediterranean scrubland color the island, giving it a wild and unspoiled appearance.The central area, however, is the most mountainous, due to the presence of Mount Carello, 445 meters above sea level. Next to the naturalistic beauties stand those of profound historical significance: the former Penal Colony, the Church of St. Stephen, the Church of St. Nicholas and the Church of the Assumption are all open to visitors.


Ideal destination for both those who choose a catamaran vacation in Tuscany as well as for those who wish to jump in and scuba dive to explore the seabed rich in flora and fauna, Capraia makes itself a suitable location for all those who, engrossed in the daily grind, long for relaxation and tranquility.

It is a secluded, well-maintained and cozy little place, perfect for families with toddlers and older children, groups of buoyant friends, and even for those who, while on their own, are looking for an oasis of peace, perhaps with just the company of their pet or kitty. Yes, because the island of Capraia welcomes everyone, really everyone, and its inhabitants, kind, friendly people with smiles always painted on their lips, are very happy to share, with new guests, the beautiful reality.

The unique characteristics of the island, with its ridges, rocky walls and bristling mountains flanked by a crystal-clear blue sea, make it a paradise for adventurous people: there are no beaches, in Capraia, but small, sporadic pebble coves that can be reached by sailboat or long jetties where you can lie and sunbathe just a few steps from the water.

For this reason, any good visitor should equip himself or herself with hiking boots, backpack and water bottle, perhaps budgeting for the rental of a comfortable boat to facilitate its movement and exploration. For walkers, then, the spectacle is assured: safe, well-maintained and egregiously marked walkways will make perfect opportunities for a nature walk with breathtaking sea views; not to mention the very numerous protected species of local flora, the island's heritage and cultural enrichment for those who encounter them along the way.

The fun, in Capraia, is old-fashioned, as genuine as the old things: no annoying noise or deafening music will disturb the rest and the air of full relaxation built between the waves of the sea and walks in nature. There are, in fact, no discos or clubs on the little island: an ideal evening consists of dining in a small local restaurant, strolling through the narrow streets of the town, 200 meters above the harbor, and basking in the spectacular view in the company of the people you love most.

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The sea can be seen, heard, experienced, but, most importantly, savored. There is no mystery that the island's signature dish is fish and all the other products the blue expanse has to offer - always within the limits of environmentally friendly fishing and the laws that protect it.

However, one should not overlook the effort of the islanders in wanting to handcraft other foods as well, other flavors recognized worldwide for their great culinary value. Every ingredient used and put on the table in Capraia, in fact, is the result of careful, meticulous and painstaking work: the island, in fact, due to its size and geographical position puts its inhabitants to the test, challenging them to find the best way to produce elements of great value and quality; a challenge won by the Capraia man, of course.

From the bees of the Mediterranean maquis, for example, a very fine millefiori honey is produced, the pride of the people of Capri, while blueberries, lemons and blackberries are harvested from the fruits of the shrubs; not to forget the figs and sour cherries, protagonists, these, together with Sangiovese dell'Elba, of the typical "rubino," a distillate of excellent quality.

There is also no shortage of seasonal fruits and vegetables, grown on site in the very gardens of the former penal colony as well as dairy products made from goat's milk. All the island's products, then, live on the passion spent to produce them and retain the intense taste and aroma of something produced genuinely and with love.

Among the most typical restaurants in which to enjoy local delicacies we recommend the "Grandpa Beppe", most famous for its fine quality crudes and intimate spaces, ideal for those who want to eat in peace, "the Carabottino", a rustic place with genuine flavors, and the more refined "the Garitta", for those who like taste always accompanied by a more sophisticated style.

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On the island, the end of the summer season is celebrated in the most traditional and enjoyable of ways; usually in early November, in fact, Capraia becomes the scene of one of the most beautiful village festivals in existence, capable of involving, with its colors, flavors and smiles, locals and tourists alike: the Totano Festival.

The unmissable event, which closes the tourist season and opens the winter season, places at the center of the festival one of the island's most beloved and genuine products: the squid. The first part of the festival draws its start in the most classic of ways: a squid fishing contest is held, complete with a prize for the first place winner. The challenge, which sees the participation of a great many people, all equipped with any kind of boat - including gozzi, sailboats and catamarans - is an alternation of moments of commitment and dedication with others that are more fun and enjoyable, such as the weighing of the squid.

The second part of the festival, on the other hand, calls everyone into play: the fished squid is served in a myriad of recipes by local restaurants, and lucky visitors will just have to taste it in all kinds of sauces.



The most spectacular of Capraia's bays, thanks to the contrast between the bright red of the cliffs and the deep blue of the sea. it is a good shelter from mistral winds, but the space to anchor is quite limited.


Beautiful anchorage that is home to a very large colony of seagulls under the scenic Zenobito Tower. You must anchor between 5 and 10 meters deep, some distance from the rocks.


Precarious redoubt because of the rocky bottom, it is an excellent spot for a beach break in a wilderness setting.


An excellent shelter from the west, and only a few minutes from the harbor by dinghy, it is an ideal choice when the buoys in front of the village are already occupied for the night. One must anchor the sailboat some distance from the fish farm in 7 to 8 meters.


This is the only beach on the island, with clear water and a good tidewater bottom. You can get very close to the shore and anchor on 5 meters, perfectly redoxed from the third quadrant winds.

Capraia cala rossa


The island port (VHF 69, tel 3383744102) is cozy and well maintained, with about 200 berths up to 30 meters. It is positioned around a large natural inlet, a few hundred meters below the town center. While out of season it is a wonderful oasis of tranquility, in summer it is so popular that reservations are not accepted.

From late May, 40 buoys are placed just outside the harbor mouth, with a convenient taxi-boat service included in the price. Those who cannot find a place can anchor their sailboat off the buoys on a 10-meter seabed, but the best choice is to fall back on nearby Cala Porto Vecchio.

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