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On this page you will find the best discounts and last minute deals on catamaran and sailboat rentals in Italy, including Liguria, Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, as well as abroad, in Croatia, Greece, the Balearic Islands and the Caribbean.

Deals of the week are published every Monday and cover a specific destination or catamaran model, don't miss them!

Catamaran Charter Tuscan Archipelago



The days are getting longer, spring is no longer a mirage, and it's a moment that we find ourselves with the beautiful season just around the corner and the desire for a beach vacation becomes irrepressible.

So book your next summer vacation and take advantage of the March offers!

  • From 01/06 to 08/06 at Amalfi Coast on Lagoon 380 a 3.690€ -30% 2.580€
  • From 15/06 to 22/06 a Ponza on Lagoon 46 a 6.500€ -12,00% 5.720€
  • From 29/06 to 06/07 at Aeolian Islands on Lagoon 42 a 6.250€ -17% 5.185€
  • From 06/07 to 13/07 at Greece (Athens) on Lagoon 50 a 14.300€ -12% 12.580€
  • From 20/07 to 27/07 at Sardinia on Lagoon 46 a 12.490€ -15% 10.615€
  • From 03/08 to 10/08 at Croatia on Lagoon 40 a 8.800€ -25% 6.600€
  • From 24/08 to 31/08 at Aeolian Islands on Lagoon 42 a 5.940€ -17% 5.225€
  • From 07/09 to 14/09 at Sardinia on Lagoon 46 a 8.490€ -15% 7.215€
Prices are for weekly rental of the entire boat with 8/10 berths, excluding skipper and extras. There are plenty of other offers going on, ask us now for a no obligation quote with an additional 150€ off if you sign up for our newsletter!



Sardinia is the true pearl of the Mediterranean, known the world over for its crystal clear water and heavenly bays. However, those who have been there in the summer know that all this wonder has one major flaw: the beaches are crowded with hordes of tourists.

The solution? This summer instead of the usual resort, rent one of our catamarans and give yourself a dream vacation, you will discover so many coves unreachable on foot, aboard a real private floating villa.

The cornerstone of the vacation is the Maddalena Archipelago, a natural park of extraordinary beauty with dozens of hidden bays. From there we will descend to the Emerald Coast, Golfo Aranci and Tavolara, in a succession of breathtaking landscapes.

  • From 01/06 to 08/06 Lagoon 46 a 9.990€ -15% 6.791€
  • From 15/06 to 22/06 Lagoon 50 (12 pax) a 10.420€  -5% 9.899€
  • From 06/07 to 13/07 Lagoon 42 a 7.790€ -10% 7.011€
  • From 20/07 to 27/07 Lagoon 450F a 9.636€ -10% 8.672€
  • From 03/08 to 10/08 Lagoon 46 14.990€ -15% 12.741€
  • From 17/08 to 24/08 Lagoon 46 a 12.490€ -15% 10.615€
    From 31/08 to 07/09 Bali Catsmart a 4.957€ -15% 4.213€

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