"Free man, always you will love the sea!

The sea is your mirror; you contemplate your soul

In the infinite movement of the wave,

And your spirit is no less bitter abyss."

Charles Baudelaire  


  • Are you thinking of diving into the world of yacht chartering yourself? 
  • Are you a skipper who wants to turn around by opening your own company? 
  • Do you have a catamaran that doesn't fruit as it should? 

Of course the idea of owning your own catamaran and perhaps working on it is seductive, but as you can imagine, it is not at all easy to start a new business venture that you don't know the ins and outs of, especially in an industry as competitive as yacht chartering. The questions that nag at the mind of a new boat owner entering this world are many, the same ones I asked myself when I started. Better to opt for a catamaran or a sailboat? Which model to choose? Better to buy new or used? How much does a boat make in a year? How will I find enough customers? 

When I bought my first catamaran I made many mistakes dictated by inexperience. In retrospect I have realized that the wisest choice, at least for the first few years, is to go with a serious charter company that has your back, fills the weeks with paying clients, and allows you to grow in autonomy to make you more and more self-sufficient.

Putting the catamaran to income



By now, management programs fill the pages of trade journals, and every major corporation has one. At first glance it seems like fumbling through a thousand choices, but basically most management programs work this way.

The owner opens a charter company that buys the boat on lease from the variable duration of 5 and 7 years, with a first maxi installment from 30 to 50% of the purchase price. The boat is given to the charter company for a term equal to that of the lease, which takes care of all the expenses such as maintenance, marketing, and berth, but on the other hand collects the profits. Each year The owner is entitled to a share ranging from 5% to 10% of the value of the boat depending on the number of weeks for which he intends to use the boat in season. So far so good, except that lease payments and insurance remain the responsibility of the shipowner, and at the end of the year the profit will be nil. At the end of the contracted period the shipowner becomes to all intents and purposes the owner of the vessel in a certain state of wear and tear, and it is up to him to resell it and make a profit.


+ All problems are solved by the charter company

+ You can use the boat for several weeks a year, often on different bases, however, the takings are proportionally reduced.


- For years the profits are zero

- charter boats if not carefully cared for have a frightening amount of wear and tear, which affects the resale value of the used boat

- management contracts have a long term of 5 to 7 years.

- you learn nothing about the charter world and will forever be dependent on your manager

- The business risk remains mainly in your hands


Call me strange, but I like to do things differently. My philosophy is based on the transmit the experience to future generations of entrepreneurs and Create balanced and flexible partnerships In which all parties to the dispute win.

While traditional management caters to those who don't have the time or inclination to devote themselves to a boat, I appeal to you who want to Make boating an integral part of your life, as well as making it a main or secondary profession with which to create our own revenue from the first year.

I have designed a series of proposals tailored to your needs to offer you only the services you need, without unfairly burdening your profit margins at the end of the season.

Booking management
Web marketing and mailing list
Inclusion in international portals
PLUS package +
Winter maintenance
Integral management of the boat


The crucial point on which fledgling companies flounder is that of maximize the number of weeks sold. It is used to say that with the high season weeks pay off, but it is with the off-season weeks that earnings settle. Filling the season will therefore be our number one mission.

  • We have one of the leading websites on catamaran charter in Italy, placed on the first page for all related searches.
  • We have a solid digital marketing plan aimed at retaining visitors and turning them into paying customers.
  • We can count on a mailing list with over 3500 subscribers, strongly interested in catamaran vacations.
  • We publish your catamaran on the international booking platforms, under the aegis of a brand that is also strong internationally. We take care of communication with brokers and submission of documents.
  • We take care of the customer relations, supporting them from the moment the contract is signed until the end of the vacation.

This package will suit those who are skippers or who can rely on a trusted experienced professional, and already have a good knowledge of the charter world, but who want to maximize earnings at the end of the season.

Standard management has a cost equal to 15% of the turnover from the weeks rented. It does not include the 15% of brokerage fee, either by us or by an international broker. Expenses for skipper engagement, services, moorings and spare parts remain the responsibility of the shipowner.


By choosing the PLUS package, in addition to marketing your boat we will take care of the Management of the activity during the season from June 1 to September 30

  • Relying on a network of professional skippers with whom we have been collaborating for over 10 years of charters, we will know how to guide you to the choice of a trusted commander Who will take care of your boat and guests.
  • We deal with organize logistics, weekly laundry and cleaning services, summer summer berth reservations, and routine repairs.
  • We will try to resolve any problems promptly extraordinary to occur over the course of the season.

In season we will take care of the proper organization Of the A to Z charter so that everything runs smoothly and you can engage in other activities. Winter maintenance remains your responsibility and must meet the high standards to which our guests are accustomed.

The Plus package has a total cost equal to 20% of the turnover from the weeks rented. It does not include the 15% of brokerage fee, either by us or by an international broker. Expenses for hiring a skipper, services, moorings and spare parts, and extraordinary maintenance requiring a technician remain the responsibility of the owner.


By choosing this package we will fully manage your vessel by also planning the winter maintenance, so as to keep the boat in the best possible condition. 

  • Winterization of equipment and sails
  • Repairing minor damage
  • Washing indoor and outdoor cushions 
  • On-site organization period for work requiring a technician and antifouling
  • Cutting the engines
  • Restoring equipment in preparation for the warm season and thorough cleaning

The PREMIUM package is to all intents and purposes. Total management that requires little effort on your part. It is suitable for beginners who want to learn the basics necessary to perform this activity successfully and efficiently. Maintenance organization and routine labor is included in the price. Premium management can only be subscribed to by those who plan to moor their boat in Liguria for the winter period.

Management Plus has a cost equal to 25% of the turnover from the weeks rented. It does not include the 15% of brokerage fee, either by us or by an international broker. Expenses for hiring the skipper, services, moorings and spare parts, docking at the yard, application of antifouling, and extraordinary maintenance requiring a technician remain the responsibility of the owner.

Catamaran management program



I have been working in the boating world for over 10 years, first as a skipper for major charter companies in Italy, then since 2017 as an entrepreneur. While I never stop learning, I am intimately familiar with the details and critical issues of the charter world, and I am ready to offer my experience to spare you trivial but costly mistakes. I will be available 7 days a week to help you solve any problem and clarify any doubt.


Unlike everyone else in the industry we offer contracts with a one-year term, renewable at the end of the season. In this way we take nothing for granted, and if at the end of the year you decide to opt for another route you will be free to do so with no strings attached.


Every owner has specific needs and is at different times based on the experience accumulated over the years. For example, if you are just starting out you might choose the Premium package to assimilate the know-how needed to run a successful company. The second year you might scale up to the Plus package and take care of winter maintenance yourself in your spare time, while from the third year you might only need assistance to maximize your booking weeks and in time become fully independent.


For most of the year you can use the boat at no cost, just as you will be encouraged to find clients on your own. For our part, we ask you to pay the management fee (15-25% depending on the package) only for the high season weeks between July and August in case the boat is occupied by you or your clients. On the other hand, if you use the boat in last minute, you will not have to pay the management fee even in high season. Unlike normal management proposals, you can use the boat for as many weeks as you want, with no limit.


As a rule we never offer our boats bareboat, that is, without a skipper. We select the best professionals who take care among other things to minimize the wear and tear on the boat, to maximize the price at which it will be possible to resell the boat when the time comes.


Unlike the major management proposals, the margins are positive from the first year and can only improve as you become more and more self-reliant.


If you are intent on buying a new catamaran we can provide you with all the assistance you need. We are Lagoon sub-dealers and we will follow you step by step from the quotation stage to the delivery of the boat, providing you with a list of what you need to equip a charter boat and if required organizing the transfer from La Rochelle to the base port. You will be able to enter into a French lease contract paying no VAT on the purchase, a nice 22% savings!


When you want to sell your catamaran we can take care of it, taking care of posting the listing on all the portals, arranging viewings and preparing the paperwork, with a commission half the industry average.


Request information now, I will get back to you as soon as possible:

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