"And there is nothing more beautiful than the moment before the journey,
the instant when the horizon of tomorrow comes to visit us and tell us its promises."

Milan Kundera


"What do you miss about Sicily? U scrusciu du mari."

Andrea Camilleri


catamaran and sailboat charter in liguria

"You will see a royal city leaning against an alpine hill superb in men and walls, whose appearance alone indicates her as the Lady of the Sea."

Francesco Petrarca


catamaran and sailboat charter in sardinia

"One day it happened that my life grew gloomy, and, fleeing to bright peace, I left for the island where the wind makes landscape. It was an enchantment."

Gaston Vuillier


"By the scent of its vegetation, from a distance, with my eyes closed, I would recognize Corsica."

Napoleon Bonaparte


"There is an Island-there-is for every child, and they are all different."

Peter Pan


ponza by catamaran

"Ponza is grumpy and beautiful. Shy, wary and never predictable. Among prickly pears, bougainvillea and bursts of broom, I lose myself in the beauty of its sunsets and find on earth my paradise."

Eugenio Montale


Stiniva, Croatia

"On the last day of Creation, God wanted to crown His work, and it was then, with tears, stars and breaths, that He created the Kornati Islands."

Bernard Shaw

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