"The bow of the boat cuts the sea in two.
But the sea comes together and always remains the same
And between a Greek, a Norman, a Byzantine
I still remained Sicilian."

Lucio Dalla

Catamaran charter in the Egadi Islands

Northwestern coast of Sicily is a triumph of enchanting places where man had the foresight to preserve the natural order, an event that is now more unique than rare. In fact, the Egadi archipelago is a marine protected area, and in the summertime many buoys are installed to protect the largest Posidonia prairie in the Mediterranean, a true green lung for our sea. The nearest ports from which to charter a catamaran to the Egadi Islands are the ones in Palermo, Trapani and Marsala.

On your Egadi catamaran vacation you will swim in the turquoise water of Favignana, you will get lost among the little white houses of Levanzo, and you will savor the wild atmosphere of Marettimo. But in addition to the archipelago, this side of Sicily has so much to offer, such as the breathtaking views of San Vito lo Capo and the Faraglioni of Scopello.

Catamaran vacation in the Egadi Islands


The largest island in the archipelago, Favignana has a very high concentration of coves rich in marine life. The most famous is undoubtedly Cala Rossa: diving into the transparent water protected by the walls of the tuff quarries will be an experience you will not easily forget. 

Among the unmissable bays we also mention Cala Azzurra, popular with bathers because of the fine sandy beach, and the anchorage around the islet Preveto, the ideal place to snorkel among the endless shades of blue. 

For adventure lovers, we also offer tender rides to discover the island's caves, the natural pool of Perciata Cave and the Bue Marino Cave, which goes into the tuff cliff.

The Port of Favignana will be a pleasant change of scenery after a day spent bathing. The town is pleasantly lively in the summer months, and in one of the countless restaurants you can enjoy local staples, spaghetti alla bottarga and local tuna. By the way, we highly recommend a visit to the ancient Tonnara Florio, which still characterizes the bay in front of the harbor; it has been converted to a very interesting museum, with information about the slaughter and artifacts from the "Battle of the Egadi" that marked the beginning of Roman rule over the Carthaginians.

Aegadian Catamaran Charter


Levanzo is a magical island whose romantic and lonely atmosphere will win you over at first sight. The village is tiny, of just 220 souls, and in the shade of its small white houses you will find shelter from the modernity in which we are immersed every day. 

Small gravel roads winding through the Mediterranean bush emerge from the town. By sea or by land we will visit the Genovese Cave, where many rock graffiti are still well preserved: the oldest ones dating back 12,000 years depict classic hunting scenes, while in the Neolithic ones the drawing of tuna is evident, demonstrating how fishing has always been the mainstay of life on the Egadi Islands. 

The bays for swimming are many and all beautiful. There is the Faraglione Beach In front of the deserted islet, Cala Tramontana immersed in a pristine environment and Cala Minnola, the main bay of the island protected by a green pine forest.

Catamaran rental in the Egadi Islands


After a relaxing sail with the catamaran we will glimpse Marettimo, immediately recognizable by the profile of Mount Falcone, a huge granite mass 686 m high. The island is set against a backdrop that almost evokes a dolomite scenery, and along its ups and downs there are many paths, so trekking enthusiasts will have their fill.

The only village develops in the promontory between the two marinas "Scalo Vecchio" and "Scalo Nuovo" and is full of small restaurants and artisan stores. In the main square, indulge in a hearty Sicilian breakfast of traditional coffee granita or freshly filled cannoli.

The tour of the island by catamaran will introduce you to literally dozens of ravines such as the Camel Cave, in which the cliff is reminiscent of the animal of the same name, the Bombarda Cave in which the ebb of waves creates explosion-like sounds, and the Cave of the Crib, where the rocks take on the forms of the christian nativity.

The beach at Cala Conca south of Marettimo is lonely and picturesque, while on the northern coast we will anchor the catamaran at Cala Maestro; from here with a short path it is possible to reach the Punta Troia Castle, to this day perfectly restored and visitable, from which there is a great view of the other Egadi islands.

Egadi Islands by catamaran with skipper

San Vito lo Capo

The bright blue water and crescent of off-white sand in the shadow of the Monte Monaco promontory form a Caribbean-flavored backdrop, not surprisingly among the most beloved in Sicily. You will spend the day diving from the stern of the catamaran into the most beautiful sea in the world, far from the crowds on the beach. The town is also worth a visit, particularly beautiful is the Shrine of St. Vito, originally a simple chapel dedicated to the martyr around which a veritable fortress has developed shaped with a pot-purri religious, civil and military architectural styles.

Every September, the Cous Cous Fest takes places. It's not just a festival but a real celebration marked by music, performances and competitions, a truly unmissable event for any lover of the delicious dish that unites the two shores of the Mediterranean.

Immediately south of the cape opens up a stretch of pristine sea, the coastal part of the Riserva dello Zingaro. The emerald water, the deep green of the typical dwarf palms and the red of the iron rock will catch your eye in a swirl of colors. At the end of the marine park we will discover the ancient tuna fishery of Scopello, a gem of traditional Sicilian architecture protected by the spectacular Faraglioni rocks.

San Vito Lo Capo by catamaran

Catamaran Charter in the Egadi Islands

The following catamarans are available for your Egadi catamaran cruise:

Info catamaran charter to the Egadi Islands

  • When: Year-round.
  • Catamarans: Lagoon 40, Lagoon 400 S2, Lagoon 42, Lagoon 450 F.
  • PricesPricelist.
  • Where: Boarding in Palermo, Marsala or Trapani.
  • Duration: Weekly charter with boarding on Saturday at 6 pm, disembarking the following Saturday at 9 am.
  • Crew: Possibility of catamaran rental in the Egadi Islandsin bareboat or with skipper and hostess.
  • Reservations: email to info@mistralsailing.it or call the number +39 347 949 8966 (Luca)

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